Christmas 2017

We are delighted to have the following events for you to come along to and enjoy.  Everyone is very welcome, and please do feel free to invite guests.  The more the merrier!

Please click on each of the events below to find out further information.

Brigades Christmas Coffee morning – Saturday 2nd December at 10.00am

Glory Group Christmas Special – Sunday 3rd December at 3.00pm

Christmas Cabaret – Friday 9th December at 7.30pm

Christmas Cabaret with meal – Saturday 9th December at 7.00pm

5 F’s at Christmas – Monday 11th December at 1.30pm

cafechurch Christmas Special – Monday 11th December at 7.00pm

All Aboard Toddler Group Christmas Assembly – Thursday 14th December at 10.00am with service at 10.45am

Ladies Fellowship Musical event with Annie Routley (Guests are welcome) – Thursday 7th December at 2.00pm

Out to Lunch Christmas Special – Friday 15th December at 12.00pm

Christmas Remembrance Service for those that have lost loved ones – Saturday 16th December at 3.30pm

Light Years Christmas Service – Sunday 17th December at 10.30am

Little Ark Playgroup Christmas Assembly – Tuesday 19th December at 11.15am

Christmas Carol Service – Sunday 24th December at 5.00pm

Christmas Day Services – 8.30am and 10.30am.

New Years Eve Service – 6.30pm with a half night of prayer lasting until 12.30am on the 1st January.