Have you recently lost someone dear to you through death, or are struggling to come to terms with a bereavement that occurred some time ago?

Then it may be that you would find a support group of help to you. 

Bereavement Support Group

Sutton Coldfield Baptist Church

Our Bereavement Support Group is made up of people who have all experienced loss in this way, and who find it a great comfort to share this particular ‘journey’ with other like-minded people. Our aim in the group is to support one another through mutual sharing, listening and encouragement, as we try to help one another find both spiritual and practical help at this time of sorrow and need.

If you would like to join with us, or would simply like to find out more about the group, or perhaps feel you would like to meet up with one of our pastoral staff for a personal chat, then please let us know using the contact form on this page, or feel free to call our office for a confidential and informal discussion.