Download sermon audio and powerpoints. There are also personal devotion notes for our series of sermons.

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Teach us to pray

Prayer is such a vital part of our individual lives and for the life, growth and purposes of God to be fulfilled in our church. As a Leadership Team we have felt God’s prompting that we as Leaders need to pray more together and individually, but also to inspire and encourage us as a church to do so.
As part of that, we have put together a preaching series and small group notes on Prayer which is based on Matthew 6:9-13, which has been used to form the basis of the Lord’s Prayer.


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Matthew 8-11 and Renewal Sunday 2017

Continuing our series in Matthew’s Gospel, we look at Chapters 8-11 and learn with the early disciples more about who Jesus is and what it means to follow him.


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2 Kings 6 - 25 Stories of faith and faithlessness (Inc Remembrance 2017)

A return to the rest of 2 Kings, 6 – 25 to look at a number of difficult passages that provide us with stories of faith and faithlessness.