Day of Prayer – 12th September 2015

SUBMIT A PRAYER REQUEST – Send in details of a prayer request for self, a friend, family member, colleague or neighbour to or fill in request on website before Thursday 10th September. All prayer requests will be prayed for during the day at various times.

RECEIVE PRAYER – A time to come and receive personal prayer from Elders, former Elder and their partners on a private and confidential basis – Perhaps for healing or any personal issue, come and receive prayer for self or on behalf of someone else.

PRAYING AS ALL AGES. A core vision for us as a Church is to be a Church of all ages, we hope every age will feel able to come at any time, but to encourage this vision, there will be an hour specifically appropriate for Children to enable and encourage them to pray, and another hourled by young people and young adults.

INTERCEDING – Come and intercede on behalf of others, praying through requests submitted ahead of time, as well as themes laid out in the timetable below. There will be a variety of approaches to prayer including worship.

COME AND GO – as you can, for 5 minutes or 5 hours whatever you can manage.

  • 7.30—8.30 am               Opening prayer
  • 8.30—9.30                      Prayer for the workplace
  • 9.30—10.30                    Prayer for Sutton Coldfield
  • 10.30—11.30                  Receiving prayer Part 1
  • 11.30—12.30                  Prayer with Children
  • 12.30—1.30                    Prayer for the Church, programme and activities
  • 1.30—2.30                      Receiving prayer Part 2
  • 2.30—3.30                      Strategic prayer – praying into issues
  • 3.30—4.30                      Prayer for the World
  • 4.30—5.30                      Praying with Young People
  • 5.30—6.30                      Prayer for those who don’t know Jesus
  • 6.30—7.30                      Concluding prayer and worship
  • 7.30 pm—                       Break the fast – A Light meal together

FASTING – Sometimes it is right to show our commitment to prayer by sacrificially, stopping doing something pleasurable that day. For some this could be not eating (but drink plenty) for the 12 hours, for others of us, no TV, internet or mobile phones. Why not try fasting if you have never done this before.

BREAKING THE FAST TOGETHER – At the end of the day at 7.30 pm, Velma is organising a light meal in the Church for those who would like to stay on together.