Church Data Base


ChurchApp and MyChurchApp

The church has changed the software that it uses for its main database to church app.  This is a very powerful system that will benefit all our church activities and outreach.  During September we will be asking church members and attenders to check their personal data before we roll out other aspects of this software.  For most this can be done directly through the user facing app called MyChurchApp.  For those who do not routinely use the internet or computers we will still be contacting you in all our usual ways.

At the moment we are currently setting everyone’s privacy settings to the highest level, after which we will invite everyone to sign up to MyChurchApp to check / amend their own data and set their own privacy levels.  Full details on how to do this will come out in due course.  We aim to provide help and support for those that require this.

We estimate it will take around two years for us to make full use of all the functionality of this new software, and although this is a practical innovation we still ask for your prayers in this development.

For more information about MyChurchApp please see