Christmas Day Offering 2016

Christmas Day Offering 2016

Vision Secondary School Yida Camp, South Sudan

Vision is the only Secondary School in Yida, the main settlement for Sudanese who have fled from bombing and militia attacks in the Nuba Mountains. The school currently has motivated teachers and pupils but no text books for the fourth and final year group. This year group is the nation’s future.

This year’s Christmas appeal will go towards purchasing and transport the text books requested by the Education Coordinator and Headteacher. We hope to make a significant contribution towards the £15,000 needed to purchase textbooks in every subject.

Being shown Vision Secondary School Teacher accommodation by the education coordinator and headteacher




Vision Secondary School students hanging around after school. When I asked them what they wanted most they asked me to pray for peace in the Nuba Mountains so that they could go home and that they would do well in their exams. (I was humbled and surprised for I thought they would ask for some material items)

Vision Secondary School Classrooms