Acts 9 – Mark Maybury. 18th February 2018

At a time of massive change in his life Saul needed somebody to reach out to  him and vouch that he was a new creation, a follower of Christ. That man was Barnabas. We read in Acts 9  that  Barnabas told the apostles  how Saul  had seen the Lord and how in Damascus he had preached fearlessly in the name of Jesus.

Barnabas reached out to Saul and showed him the love of Christ. And it didn’t stop there – Barnabas knew the ministry that Saul was being called to and travelled hundreds of miles to get him to team up with him to grow the Church in Antioch.

You see Barnabas didn’t care about Saul’s past, it was his future in Christ that mattered. When Saul needed love, Barnabas was there to provide it.

Who is it that you know that needs encouragement, an arm round them or some special words. Let’s see if we can follow the example provided by Barnabas.