1 John 2 v14

In 1 John 2 v14 John says “you have overcome the evil one”.  To overcome means not to have avoided, but to have experienced, without being defeated or deterred.

Sometimes we think spiritual success is to have been spared difficulty, but actually, we are called to overcome.  We will have obstacles in our life such as discouragement, or opposition, a sense of fear or a sense of failure.  This may cause us to feel like giving up on serving Jesus, or become bitter, or to retreat into self-gratification.  But overcoming is not to never be afraid, but to continue with what Jesus has asked of us – in spite of anxiety, to continue to love – in spite of hurt, to continue to pray – in spite of seemingly unanswered prayer.

One of the quotes from Sunday was – “it is easy to come and go but the hardest thing is to remain”

What is it we need to overcome, and what will overcoming look like this week?  Let ask for God’s help.