1 John 2:6. 25th February 2018

Default is a word that used to be rarely used.  We know it now as the natural opening settings on a computer document, the format the computer reverts back to when a new file is opened.  So we have the default font, the default page size, the default language etc.  Changing the default settings can be a bit complicated, and many of us don’t bother, so we wonder why our spellings are American, or all our writing is in Calibri font.

In 1 John 2 verse 6 John says Whoever claims to live in him (that is Jesus) must live as Jesus did.

But for many of us living like Jesus did is not our default setting.  Our default setting is pleasing ourselves, or sometimes taking the safest option.  Living like Jesus requires a fundamental change within us that goes beyond turning over a new leaf or trying harder.  Changing our instinctive first reactions is hard on our own.  Our instant gut reactions, are tricky to control.

On Sunday evening Donald talked about how changing our behaviour comes from knowing God better.  It is our relationship with God, and the filling of His Spirit that changes our default settings over time.  Martin Luther said a rock left in the sun cannot help but be warm so a believer dwelling in the presence of God cannot help but become more like him.  So this week, let us seek to spend more time in God’s presence – talking to him, listening to him and worshipping him, because that will change our personal default settings far more effectively than will power.