Sutton Coldfield Baptist Church Community Minibus.

Our community minibus has been purchased using donations from Sutton Coldfield Charitable Trust, Sutton Coldfield Baptist Church and our community partners in Central Sutton Coldfield.

It may be booked by contacting the church office.

Drivers need to be familiar with the following information.

Instructions for using the wheel chair restraint system and 3 point seat belt.

Notes to Drivers

  • All drivers must have undergone a familiarisation briefing and must have lodged a photocopy of their licence with the church office.
  • Drivers over 70 must be “named drivers” on the insurance policy, as must drivers with certain convictions. You must notify us immediately if you are soon to be 70, or if you have any driving convictions.
  • External checks
    • Please conduct a visual inspection of the inside and outside of the vehicle before and after your journey, and record any problems or damage on the log sheet.
    • Check lights and tyres
    • Levels can be checked from the dash board
  • If you have an accident or cause damage to the vehicle, please note the exact detail in full and take photographs, and the names and contact details of witnesses and the details of other vehicles and drivers involved. If the police are involved please record the incident number and names/collar numbers of attending officers. Forward all this to the church office as soon as possible.
  • If there are any injuries, full accident forms must be completed as soon as possible.
  • Internal checks
    • Check all seats are securely in place
    • Check all safety equipment is in place: 2x exit hammers, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, wheel chair seat belts
    • Internal lights are turned off at the end of the journey
  • Complete the log sheets after re filling the fuel up to full with diesel.
  • When driving:
    • use the door mirrors at all times, not internal rear view mirror
    • ensure the hand brake (right hand side!) is fully off
    • ensure everyone wears a seat belt
    • ensure you are aware of the vehicle dimensions
    • ensure you indicate when changing lanes or turning (you will get an audible warning if you do not)
    • ensure you reverse into the Church car park, making use of both door mirrors, the rear view camera and an external escort/steward.
  • After your journey.
    • Remove all litter, debris and non-minibus related belongings. Do not store items for your activity in the minibus.
    • Complete the log sheet
    • If necessary because of your activity, wash and clean the bus inside and out.
    • Lock the bus and return the key.