1 John 3 :11-12

Donald spoke recently on 1 John 3:11-12 which reminds us that “we should love one another” and cautions us not to be like Cain who murdered his brother out of envy.

Donald helpfully reflected on how this verse might affect our use of social media – and it got me thinking about:

– whether I am loving others in my use of social media


– am I acting like Cain: envying people I follow and allowing myself to judge and compare myself to them.

So I decided to evaluate 3 areas that were affecting how I love others in my use of social media:

1. What I post: Checking my motivation for posting and evaluating as much as possible the effect it might have on people who view it. Is what I post just bigging me and my life up (and potentially causing others to envy)? Or will it bring life, reassurance, joy or in some other way be a loving influence on others?

2. How long I spend on social media: Making sure I am loving those who I am actually physically with and trying to find times when I turn my phone off to be fully present to them.

3. Who I follow: Un-following people (esp. celebrities and brands) that I found had an unhelpful influence on my thoughts, habits and values.