Harvest Celebration


You are invited to our all age Harvest Service at Sutton Coldfield Baptist Church on Sunday 13th October at 8.30am, 10.30am or 6.30pm.  A crèche is provided for under 3s and there are separate activities for under 5s.

  • We have 356 people registered with us for foodbank, about 100 have only been once and a further 100 only having 2 or 3 bags.
  • By the beginning of August we had given out 1670 parcels feeding 2330 people, this is compared to 1145 parcels for the same time last year.
  • We regularly order food from Tesco for the foodbank with the donations of money which are given through the church.
  • Please give generously to the foodbank at the church services on 13th October or bring items to the office during the week.
  • If you are available to help sort and store the food on the evenings of 14th or 15th October please speak to Georgina Whateley.
Cereal Bars Cereal small box Tea bags 40 or 80 Coffee 100g or 200g 1lt Squash
UHT Milk Tin Ravioli Tin Macaroni Tin Hot Dogs Tin Meatballs
Tin Spaghetti  Baked Beans Tin Tuna Tin Salmon Tin Sardines
Tin Ham Tin Spam Corned Beef Sandwich Paste Tin Kidney Beans
Tin Mushy Peas Tin Carrots Tin Peas Tin Sweetcorn Tin Tomatoes
Inst. Flavoured Pasta Inst. Flavoured Rice Inst. Flavoured Noodles Pasta Sauce Tin Chilli
Tin Stew Tin Pies Tin Curry Marmalade Jam
Tin Potatoes Inst. Potatoes Tin Custard Sponge  Puddings Rice Pudding
Tin Fruit Biscuits Toilet rolls 4’s Fruit juice Inst Hot Choc 200g
Dried pasta 500g Tin Soup Toothpaste Washing powder Flannels
Shower gel Shampoo Multi-purpose cleaner Dish cloths Bags for life