19 Giveaways!

In my last devotional I suggested that as a response to Covid-19 – we take the time to write 19 things we are grateful for – in obedience to the Bible that teaches us to give thanks, but also because that moves us away from unhelpful attitudes that might creep in otherwise.

Today I want to suggest another 19 things we could list.

Galatians 6:2 says: Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.”

It’s easy right now to start thinking about how life is harder for us, how we’re going to struggle, whether that be due to isolation or working harder or in tougher conditions.

But the Bible gives us an alternative approach to take – which will actually lead to our feeling better than we have been.

So, here’s a suggestion for making ourselves happier in all this – (which I’ve actually stolen from my mum!). Make a list of 19 people you can show love to during this time. Maybe 19 handwritten letters, or 19 phone calls or 19 cakes to give to the homeless, or maybe you could try and buy 19 items for food bank if you’re still ok to go out. Or 19 people you could send a loo roll to, would make them laugh, anyway. What other ideas do you have? – maybe share these to inspire people…

Whatever we think of lets do our best to stay positive– let’s ask God to give us his joy, and to help us see the positive in people and what they do. I know a lot of people will be thinking – that’s alright for Deb with her upbeat personality but we all have areas where we will find this difficult – I find it very easy to criticise and moan – but I think right now we need to be gentle on each other and whatever our temperaments we need to trust that “The joy of the Lord [really] IS our strength!”

Let us not be a people that dwell on our own problems, but a people that look to see how we can bless others during this time – including isolating ourselves in a way that protects others!

I’ve heard some great ideas – of people posting letters through their neighbours doors with an offer to help, even if just for a chat over the phone – Gill also shared a prayer at the bottom of the note she wrote so that people could join her in praying.

Let’s join together and add joy to our community, instead of adding to the difficulty and negativity that is already weighing so many of us and those in our community down.

We posted some little cards (that someone had shared on social media) through the doors of those on our street – and we were really blessed and touched by the responses – and Allegra had great fun helping to deliver them too! If we aim to bless others, invariably we end up being blessed too.

So, lets write down 19 names and see how we can bless them!

Be creative! Have fun!