Coronavirus Update 13th March 2020

Our aim is to keep activities open where it is possible and sensible to do so, but it is inevitable that we may decide to close some activities, or alter them.

Some people may feel isolated and unable to attend worship or their usual groups, so to support  each other we will be posting daily devotionals on the website and social media, starting on Monday 16th March. As well as encouraging us in prayer, these will include a series of teaching on John’s gospel. Please use these on your own, in your family and with friends. Where you know someone who isolated, can you discuss the devotionals together, online or by phone? You can access these devotionals from our home page and on social media.

Please note that we will not be sharing communion together in our services until further notice.

We are constantly reviewing our response to the current public health situation, and as we implement different stages of our plans things may change. We will notify you of changes through our website and social media and ask that you pass this information on to those in your groups that cannot access the website.

The office will remain open if at all possible, and we wish to keep an area open for drop in tea and coffee. Please do not ring the office to enquire about an activity unless you have first checked the latest situation on the website.

If you are unwell or worried about meeting together, we understand that you may decide to stay away.  We also remind all who do come to take notice of the NHS guidance. We are keeping the toilet well stocked with soap and hot water!