Faith Lessons from @Cockapoohattie

This is my dog Hattie. There are lots of similarities between the two of us!


Growing up, we always had a cat, and its not until the last 5 or so years that I’ve had a dog, and the difference between the two is enormous. Cats are aloof, manage their owners and will only do something when they want to. Dogs on the other hand are into everything and are great companions.


Wherever I go in the house, or at work, Hattie follows me and wants to be part of what is going on. That includes trying to barge in the toilet when I’m on the loo! She falls asleep on me if I’m sitting down or watching TV because she just wants to be close to me. When I leave her in my office for a few minutes, she is beside herself and annoys the rest of the office with her barking. And when I’ve been away and return home, she comes running at me and is always so excited to see me again and has a look on her face that says please don’t ever leave me again! I love that she just enjoys being with people and being part of what is going on. Most of the time she isn’t trying to get anything out of me. She just wants to be with me.


And it made me think about me and my relationship with God and how I can be more like Hattie with him. Very often I can be like a cat, a little bit distant, aloof and only go to him when I want something and it’s on my terms. And I want my relationship with God to be more like Hattie, that I am excited to spend time with him, want to be with him throughout each day. In the bible in Psalm 34:8 it says:


Taste and see that the Lord is good;

 blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.


How about trying these things today and see if we can taste and see the goodness of God and be more like Hattie?


  • Set you alarm to go off every hour and when it does, pause for a moment and think of 5 things to say thank you to God for or 5 things that are great about him. This will help us to connect with God more regularly throughout the day and begin to get into the habit of our day being a continual conversation between us and God and it not just being limited to a certain time of the day.


  • Go for a walk, or look out of the window if you are unable to get out, and as you see trees, plants, greenery and other people, give thanks to God for his creation, for his power and how awesome he is.


  • Put on some worship songs and sing along. Focusing your mind on God and praising him, even if we may not feel we are the most tuneful of people – there is something powerful when we praise God – there is a connection between us and his Holy Spirit that draws us closer to him. I often put on Premier radio in the background when I’m working.


  • We’re grateful for Netflix and iPlayer at times like this, but why not check out the the Prayer Course – easily found online and watch the sessions and reflect on the questions being asked? Our current Alpha and Living the Life Groups are doing this.


  • Read a Christian Book – here’s a couple of suggestions: Scattered Servants by Alan Scott or Chasing the Dragon by Jackie Pullinger.


  • Or just be still and sit in God’s presence and say “God it’s good to be with you” and just rest there, without asking for anything, but just being with God and allowing him to slow us down, bring his peace and breathe.


Let’s taste and see that God is good and be like a dog and not like a cat!