Make Something for Mother’s Day

Light Years, Busy Bees and Bubbles, All Aboard, Little Ark.

Here is an activity prepared by Light Years that all children may wish to do this week. It can be  simplified you younger children. (Don’t let Mum’s know about it!)

In Light Years we have started to look at the 10 Commandments, this craft fits in with the commandment that we were going to look at this Sunday (22nd March.

Items you will need for this craft:

2 pieces of white or coloured A4 card (doesn’t need to be too thick, I used 120g)
Pair of scissors
Felt tip pens or pencil crayons
Something circular to draw around the size of a jam jar lid

What to do:

Cut 2 pieces of paper 28cm long by 5cm wide

Cut 2 pieces of paper 10cm long by 4cm wide:

Draw around a jam jar lid or bottom of a glass/mug etc and cut the circles out:

Decorate one of the circles:

Cut a triangle shape in the end of each piece of 10cm by 4cm piece of paper:

You are now ready to put everything together

Fold each piece of 28cm by 5cm piece of paper, as if you are making a fan:

Place one folded piece of paper on the table with the ends facing up:

and one folded piece of paper on the table with the ends facing down:

Glue one end of each strip of folded paper to the other:

Repeat the gluing process to make a full circle.  Place the circle on a flat surface and push it down flat.  This is where younger children may need a little help:

Put glue on the plain circle and stick it to the pushed down fan.

Repeat the process for the designed circle, putting glue on the plain side so the design is showing:

Glue the pieces as shown:

Stick this to the plain back of your circle, and you have finished 😊

If you wish, you can Sellotape a safety pin to the back so that mums, aunts, special ladies can wear this.

These can be in any colour card, can be decorated in anyway.

We hope you enjoy creating this.

Ideas for Discussion

Exodus 20:12  “Honour your father and mother. ….”

  • Conversations can be taking place as to how children can honour their parents, or adults in general.
  • What does this mean to the child?
  • What can the child do practically to show honour? This may be tidying their bedroom when asked, doing their homework without arguing, being nice to their siblings etc.
  • Perhaps encourage a simple prayer to be said or written.