A Prayer Walk Around My Home

was reminded of one of my favourite verses the other morning:


Psalm 16:6 The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely, I have a delightful inheritance. 


It has been a verse that has helped me when I have needed assurance of being in the place God wants me to be. This week it has given me a different encouragement which I would like to share with you. And last week in the church office, I arranged a taxi for one of our young homeless friends so that he could get to a flat that had been made available to him. The thought of being without a home at this time is worrying and it was good to know that the issue for the homeless is being dealt with to some extent. Please pray for him that he is able to stay in his new room safely. 


I praise God that my current boundary, my home, is pleasant.  When I was little, I often wondered if I would grow up to be the type of person who owned a house with separate lounge and dining room, a thing which I thought was very posh.  Today I am grateful for a secure place where I am safe and have some of my family with me. 


This week I am working from home, I have set up in the dining room, with views out on to the street and it makes a good office.  My husband Martin has been working from home for the last 5 years so not much change for him, he is working in the ‘office’ formally known as Dan’s bedroom. I am grateful for all the I have and care for but when you are in the house more than usual you do feel the need to clean. Don’t you? 


After years of wanting to thoroughly clean my house but lacking the time, this week I have discovered that wasn’t the reason. That’s a funny quote found but it also made me think. I have developed a better reason to clean and tidy, it is aiding my prayers.  A prayer walk round my house. 


have cleaned the lounge thoroughly. In that room there are photos of my family, I pray for them, there are ornaments bought as gifts from friends, I pray for them as I dust.  I went through the wedding albums of my children and sat and enjoyed the happy memories of those special days. I prayed for their relationships as they spend so much more time together. 


Maybe you could try it to,  in the kitchen, thank God for the food you have been able to buy and the store workers who are stocking up for us,  when you clean the hallway, pray for the guests that you’ve had through the door.  I keep my bible by my bed, which ever room yours is in, when you clean pray for the church as it continues to worship and serve in new ways. 


In the garden, or if you’re really keen and are cleaning the windows, look at God’s creation and thank him for it.  


These are just a few ideas and you can find your own walk round your house, use your imagination, see how you can link prayer needs to items around your house, and above all give thanks for your pleasant place. 


Stay well