Do You Want to Change the World?

Being in lockdown is a really strange time for us all. I think subconsciously and consciously we have all be unnerved by it. It has affected our sleeping, our eating, our usual routines and it has stopped us doing many of the things we love and enjoy. And in the middle of it, we wonder how we can be effective, how we can be used by God and how we can make a difference.


I was listening to a podcast this week of one of the vicars at Holy Trinity Brompton and he said this, and it has really struck a chord with me and stuck with me throughout this week:


“What if the most significant thing you did with your entire life wasn’t a task you completed but a prayer you whispered”


Just pause for a moment and think about that. Think about how counter cultural that is.


“What if the most significant thing you did with your entire life wasn’t a task you completed but a prayer you whispered”


So often we get consumed with doing, with being active, with completing tasks and goals and projects.  And I hold my hands up and say I’m into planning and projects and doing stuff. Before all of this, my life was incredibly packed with doing and meetings and schedules and planning. And I reflect back and think, actually, that wasn’t healthy, and maybe one of the good things to come out of the horrible time is that we will rethink the priorities in our lives and seek to implement a more balanced life, because life had got out of hand for so many of us, and we’ve given this unnatural and unwanted pause


But for many of us during this time, we are unable to do so many things that we can feel a little limited and hamstrung and question what use we can be to God.  But somehow, we need to change our mindset, which isn’t easy as we’ve spent a lifetime of doing.  But we need to get it into our heads that the most powerful and significant thing we can do right now is to pray. And when we talk about pray, I’m not talking about prayers that are eloquent with big long spiritual words. I’m talking about words we say, write, feel that express in our words and in our way what it is we want to bring to God.


In chapter 5 of the book of James it gives us a list of areas that we are to bring to God in prayer:


Is anyone among you in trouble? Let them pray. Is anyone happy? Let them sing songs of praise. Is anyone among you sick? Let them call the elders of the church to pray over them and anoint them with oil in the name of the Lord. James 5:13-14


That just about covers everything then that we can bring to God. How about today and in this week ahead, we spend time praying for 3 areas:




The Sick


These prayers should include what is going on in our lives, but also what is going on in the lives of those around us and further afield in the world.



Pray for folks we know who are in trouble – that would be money worries, relationship difficulties, work or something else.

Pray too for yourself and the areas that you are struggling with right now, God is just as interested in you as he is in the troubles and the worries that others have.


Praise and Thanksgiving

There’s lots that we can’t do and that we are missing, but there is lots too that we can give thanks and praise God for. It could be for his love, his presence, his grace and his forgiveness, or it could be for a roof over our heads, food to eat, the technology to be listening to this right now. It could be food, family, the bible. There’s lots to give thanks for.


Finally spend time praying for



Pray for those you know who are sick, and those you don’t. Focus on a local hospital like Good Hope or your doctors surgery.

Pray too for a vaccine to be found for Covi19


We can change the world, one prayer at a time. Let’s remember the power of prayer because of the all powerful God we are praying to and with.