Faith in Times of Uncertainty

I am currently working my way through the book of Hebrews in the bible and try and spend time with God and read a bit each day. This week, I’m on chapter 11 and it’s all about some of the great heroes of the Christian faith and it talks about some of the amazing things they did. Here are just a few of them:


  • Noah building the arc in readiness for the flood.
  • Abraham and Sarah having a child even though they were well passed it.
  • Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt.
  • David, Sampson, Joseph, Rahab the prostitute, Samuel and many more get a mention of how they were used to do great things by God.


What I love about this chapter is that it doesn’t say such and such did these amazing things because they were an amazing person, without fear and insecurities or they were perfect, never doubted and lived an exemplary life.


The bible says they were used by God because they had faith. As the passage mentions each person it starts with the words: “By faith”. Not by their good deeds or being a superstar Christian, but by faith. It was their faith and stepping out in that faith to do what was being asked of them that made all the difference.


The beginning of chapter Hebrews chapter 11 says: “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. 2 This is what the ancients were commended for.”


It is having a confidence in the God we do not physically see in front of us to put our trust in him and step out in faith. That’s what the bible is commending all of these people for. It isn’t about a feeling and feeling full of faith and feeling as though God is there. If we waited for that or trusted out emotions, it would be a rare day that we would feel good enough to trust.


For me, it’s about having 5 beliefs that underpin my life and allow me to trust God and to get up out of bed and want to be used by him:


  1. God is good and wants the best for my life
  2. God is with me – even though I can’t always see him or feel him
  3. God created me – therefore there’s some good things about me!
  4. God loves me – he doesn’t just tolerate me, but he loves me
  5. God invites me to partner with him in changing the world


None of this is based on my feeling or emotions but is taken from various scriptures and study and underpin my life and enable me to say each day, use me God, let’s go for it! I know it most certainly isn’t about me and how good I am, but it’s about me trusting in the truths of the bible and putting one foot in front of the other moment by moment, day by day. It’s about me living by faith.


Will you join with me is stepping out in faith? Together with God, we can change the world.