Happy Shopper

I decided that because I was doing livestreams and devotionals online that I needed to buy a few more clothes and I saw an advert for some on line about a month ago, when the shops weren’t open and decided to buy some.


It turns out they were from a far away country and took ages to come and when they arrived, they were not good quality, weren’t the size they were supposed to be and were very disappointing. The returns process was a nightmare and not worth it. And so I have been left with some dodgy clothes you will never see me in!


It is so easy to get taken in by things. On the screen the advert appeared to show these great clothes, but actually that was far from the truth and I had been completely taken in. And I think there are a lot of times that this happens in life. There are suggestions or adverts or ways that the world encourages us to think or behave that on the outside looking in seem to be great and will bring lots of good stuff into our lives. The problem is, we don’t always recognise it in time and by the time we are into it, we realise this isn’t all its cracked up to be and are left disappointed and wanting more.


The only place we will not be disappointed and not be left wanting more if in Jesus. I have come that they might have life and have it in all its fullness.


I’m reminded of the story of Jesus feeding over 5000 people in Mathew 14. It starts with him withdrawing to a solitary place to take some time out. Crowds of people were looking for him because they had heard about him and wanted to meet him and hear from him, so they followed him out of town and into a remote place. Jesus spent time teaching them and meeting with them and as time went on and they found themselves with the evening approaching and lots of hungry people. The disciples thought the best idea would be to send the crowds away to go and find themselves some food. But Jesus had other ideas. He wanted to provide for the people and meet their needs. So he took the very small offering of a little boy – 5 loaves and 2 fish – and multiplied it to feed every person there with lots left over as well.


The people were searching after Jesus and it was Jesus who met their needs. And that is a picture of what our lives can look like. Our needs will perhaps be different, but we all have needs that Jesus came to this earth to meet. Our needs might be:




Lack of Pace


Feeling Unworthy



The world offers many solutions that it thinks will meet these needs: relationships, alcohol, gambling, drugs, shopping, consulting the spirits and a whole host of other things. None of those will satisfy and meet our needs – only Jesus can.


And he invites us to come, just as the crowds did, to come into his presence and to be real and honest about what it is we are struggling with or need and then invite him to feed us, to provide for us, to help us and just as the crowds were satisfied, to satisfy us.


Don’t be deceived by the things of this world. Look to Jesus who created this world, died for this world and saves and meets the needs of this world.