Storm Chasing

I’ve recently been in Cornwall for a couple of weeks on holiday. It has been fantastic to get away for the first time in months and Cornwall is such a beautiful place and it is always great to be by the sea when you live in land locked Birmingham!


There is something about the sea that is just mesmerising. As you hear the water and the gulls and watch the waves rolling it – it is beautiful – none more so that when it gets a bit blowy and there is a storm.


Whilst I was away for the last few days, the winds were very strong, and the waters were very high, and we had a few stormy days. Not having grown up by the sea, the storms we exciting to me!  I wanted to get out there and see the waves and hear them crashing and feel the wind blowing me about. And I wasn’t alone in that. It seemed as though all of the holidaymakers had the same idea as we went out in the bad weather to witness and be part of the storm with our cameras at the ready.


The locals were pretty bemused by us. They had grown up and witnessed countless storms and had a really good understanding of the perils of the sea. They had seen fishermen leave for the seas in the morning and not return. Cars accidentally driving off the edge of the harbour. Storms so high that they tore through houses and everything else in their way. They also knew about the currents hidden deep beneath the seas and the perils they posed.


With this knowledge, is it any wonder they looked on at us all chasing after these storms with such disbelief? We had no idea of the dangers. We were foolhardy and some people did get into trouble and it was tragically sad.


The locals knew the dangers all too well – the seas looked like the greatest adventure playground and yet could cause such damage and chaos.


For those of us who have a faith, I sometimes think of us like the locals by the sea. Many of us have experienced the allure of the things of this world, but ultimately have found a safe and secure home in Jesus. The storms may rage, but he is our rock, he is our fortress, he is the one in whom we have learned to put our trust and know that he goes with us, leads us and helps us.


And our role now is to help other people find Jesus for themselves. Jesus gave us the role of partnering with him in making disciples, of helping other people to know and follow Jesus for themselves. Some of these people are chasing their own storms and in the midst of the raging seas and Jesus asks us to work with him to show them a different way and to help them to safety in him.


As we go into this day, how is Jesus asking us to partner with him to help lead those who are lost and living without him to life in all its fullness? Here’s 3 things we could be doing:


  1. Are we praying for 5 people each day who do not yet know Jesus? In one of the livestreams recently, I encouraged us to make a bracelet and tie 5 knots in it to remind us to pray for these 5 people. Here’s mine. I’ve found it a really helpful prompt and reminder to pray for these folks.


  1. Can we invite someone to come along to the Sunday livestreams at church with us, or to come to our house and watch Questions of Life or cafechurch together?


  1. Can we be asking the Holy Spirit to lead, guide and prompt us today if there are conversations he would have us have, or things he would do to help lead people to Jesus.