What is true?


Deb looks at the importance (but scarcity) of truth, and uses Hans Rosling’s work to help us discern truth. If you would like to see how you do on his factualness questionnaire go to: https://factfulnessquiz.com

A prayer to reflect on after watching this – a line for each of the instincts we looked at:

1) Father, help us not to oversimplify complex matters when we want easy answers.

2) Prevent us from dwelling on bad news over good news.

3) Open our eyes to see change where we thought there never could be.

4) Allow us to trust in you when our fears are taking over.

5) Refocus our perspective to see things through the lens of eternity.

6) Keep us from making generalizations and lead us in loving and seeing people as individuals.

7) Show us where small transformations are happening that we have overlooked, and surprise us with sightings of your kingdom’s outcroppings in unlikely places.

8) Open our minds to consider alternative angles where we have held blind spots.

9) Remind us when we are tempted to place blame, to instead acknowledge our inter-relatedness and to address our own contributions to problems first.

10) Make us pause when we are drawn to sudden or drastic reactions, and bless us with patience.

Help us to be a discerning people that seek the truth rather than being swayed by whatever leaders, the media or our friends may be saying. Help us develop disciplines and habits that prompt us to listen to you, to be open to your word and your truth, and give us the humility to acknowledge that we make mistakes.

Lead me in your truth and teach me, for you are the God of my salvation; for you I wait all the day long. (Psalm 25:5)