Chris, Stephen and Rebekah sing Khaavo. Chris has worked with Wycliffe for over 20 years. He has seen the Koti Bible translation project through from start to finish, and in that time saw a church birthed amongst an unreached people group in a religiously sensitive context, which is now growing, fed by the newly translated Scriptures. Going forward he continues as a translation consultant, checking other translations. He is the lead consultant for the Jubi Riba project in Guinea Bissau, and also supports the Mwani and Ngoni projects of Mozambique, all of which have similar religious contexts to the Koti. Experienced linguists like Chris are vital if we are to bring God’s word to those who are still waiting for it. Your partnership with what God is doing through Chris and others like him will have global impact. Prayer support is foundational. Financial support is critical. Encouragement is essential. Every partner plays a vital role in the work. We thank everyone who has supported Chris, and commend him to you. For financial support, please visit: (or Google: ‘Wycliffe Bible Translators’ then choose ‘donate’, then ‘people’, then ‘Chris Lyndon’ For more detailed information, please contact any of the following: Chris Lyndon— Cath Horne— Anna Bishop (Wycliffe People Person Coordinator)— Wycliffe Bible Translators—