Covid update

This week England has moved back from Plan B to Plan A, there remains some confusion and uncertainty around what this means.

Essentially the regulations and guidance are reverting back to those of December just gone, not to pre-pandemic life.

As a church we have consistently chosen to align ourselves with the advice that best signals support and care for one another and those working in the NHS. Our desire is not to do anything that would risk more people taking up bed space in our local hospitals than is necessary. It is a difficult balancing act and we are so grateful for your support and encouragement this far.

We believe for a few more weeks (hopefully) mask wearing is wise and caring in our larger public events to reduce the risk of hospitalisations and re-assure some among us, but weå recognise that they are very uncomfortable and inhibiting for many and so we want to outline how currently we see the reduction and elimination of mask wearing will come about.

As we look forward to hopefully moving out of the pandemic we are tentatively planning a 4 stage road map

  1. When England comes out of Plan B (this week)
    Youth, children and other midweek activities resume with the protocols from last term
  2. When hospitalisations in this area are dropping
    The introduction of refreshments after the 6.30 service, meaning the wearing of masks up to the end of the service, thereafter the freedom to not wear a mask for those who would like to stay for a drink and chat (as happens at 8.30am)
  3. When hospitalisations have reached the summer levels from last year and if compliant with government advice at the time
    The removal of mask wearing as necessary for our two smaller services – 8.30am and 6.30pm
  4. When hospitalisations have reached acceptable levels and if compliant with government advice at the time
    The removal of mask wearing, as a request, from the 10.30am and all other events

Within all of this we ask that we are all mindful of others if we are unwell or vulnerable and wear a mask or do not attend if appropriate.

We do not know how long things will take to change or if these plans will turn out needing to be changed. It is possible change may happen very quickly, with a few weeks, it is possible we may still have some restrictions in the Autumn. We don’t know. However we thought it would be helpful for the Church to understand our plan and the thinking behind it. We really do value your patience and prayers

We will keep you updated