Fun Run Fun Day 2024 Volunteering

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Thank you so much for volunteering to help with this years Fun Run Fun Day!

We are very excited to once again open our doors to the local community alongside the Royal Sutton Fun Run for a day of free activities, food, refreshments and live music.

Firstly, why do we do the Fun Run Fun Day? We see this as a fantastic opportunity to share the love of Jesus with the local community by generously sharing, offering a friendly welcome, letting folks see inside our buildings, and to have the opportunity to find out about other events and activities. It is our hope and prayer that lots of people leave with a very positive experience of our church and feel able to connect with us again at another time.

On this page we’ve put together key information we think you’ll need to know about helping on the day, please have a read and let us know if you have any questions.

Some attendees wish to contribute towards the day. If that’s the case, please direct them to the food bank information table in the main church worship area where they’ll be able to donate to the work of our food bank.


Click to access the full rota for the day – please let the office know if you need to make any changes.

Welcome Leaflet

We’ve put together a small welcome leaflet for every attendee along with a map of everything going on. Please have a look to familiarise yourself with the details.

Information about serving
  • Firstly could we ask you to please pray? In the run up please be praying for the day, for people to feel comfortable coming into our buildings, for opportunities to build relationships, and to gently signpost people on to other activities and events.
  • Please aim to arrive 5 minutes before your first role and head to the welcome desk inside the worship area so we know you’ve arrived.
  • Ensure you’re wearing a blue SCBC branded t-shirt and your named badge (those doing refreshments or catering will have aprons available on the day).
  • At the welcome desk there will be a card for you listing your serving timings for the day.
  • There are leaflets for all church activities and we hope you’ll have the opportunity to say ‘If you’ve enjoyed this, you may also like…’
  • If at any point you have a problem or issue please let the welcome desk know or call 0121 355 5088.
  • There’s limited parking on site, please make use of local car parks if possible. From around 10:00am the church car park is exit only due to the race.
  • We’re operating a bag drop / cloakroom service throughout the day. You’re welcome to use this at the church office.

Please take a look at the specific sections below for more details including important safety info.

Activity Supervision

Activities include: Bouncy Castle, Basketball Challenge, Toddler Area, Ballnado, Coconut Shy, Dance Mat Machines, High Striker, Reaction Game, Cars

  • Supervise the activity at all times to ensure the activity is safe and poses no risk of injury. If in doubt, you must pause the activity.
  • At the end of your session please wait for the next person to arrive to ensure the activity is supervised at all times.
  • Whilst supervising the activity please chat to attendees, help them to enjoy the day and share with them about other things we do as a church.

Bouncy Castle: The bouncy castle is only for those aged under 11 and must not become overcrowded. It’s also important to break up younger and older children to ensure it’s safe for younger ones. All users must remove their shoes, jewellery or other articles which could cause injury.

BBQ Queue Helper
  • New for this year! In previous years we’ve found the queuing for the BBQ to be a little chaotic. This year we’ll be putting in place a clearer queueing system.
  • Help direct people to the next available BBQ and ensure they’re aware we’ve got jacket potatoes for vegetarian / gluten free.


  • Breakfast is being overseen by Kate Green who will provide full instructions on the day.
  • The breakfast options are sausage bap, bacon bap, or fruit pot.
  • Food is prepared, packaged and then offered to attendees on a self service basis.
  • Some food will be distributed on the high street with some information about the Fun Day.


  • Sarah Brindley is overseeing the jacket potatoes.
  • Ian and Cheryl Lund are overseeing the pre-cooking of the BBQ meat.
  • The lunch options are burger, hot dog, jacket potato (with either cheese or beans).
  • All food is prepared in the main church kitchen with BBQ meat being pre-cooked then finished on the BBQ outside.
  • Jacket potatoes are packaged into individual boxes and placed on a table outside for people to help themselves.
Cloakroom / Bag Drop
  • The cloakroom is managed from the church office using the reception hatch, items are stored in the office area.
  • Each person presenting an item leaves a name and mobile number which is recorded on the list.
  • The corresponding number label from the list can be attached to their item(s).
  • When returning an item get the person to confirm their name and mobile number.
  • Please feel free to use the church office kitchen for refreshments.
Ice Cream Stand
  • New for this year! In previous years we’ve offered pre-packaged ice creams, we think ice cream stall this will be a fun new addition to the day.
  • People can choose from a range of flavours, cone or pot, toppings, sauces and flakes.
  • For hygiene reasons please wear an apron, use gloves and don’t let people serve themselves.
  • Additional ice cream will be stored in the freezers in the garage.
  • Vegans: We have vegan ice cream available, the cones are suitable for vegans.
  • Gluten Free: For those who are gluten free we have pre-packaged magnum style ice creams in the freezer, or they could have scoop ice cream in a pot. You must make sure there is no cross contamination for those who are gluten free. This means using clean gloves and a new box of ice cream with the ice cream scoop marked for gluten free. The sauces and flakes are gluten free.
Litter Picking
  • Litter picking equipment and bin liners can be found in G5 (room next to the hall kitchen).
  • Collect litter from around the site to help keep the premises presentable.
  • Please empty any bins which are becoming full.
  • The main church refuse and recycling bins are located around the corner of the lower car park.
  • Please refrain from putting plastic bags into the recycling bins.
  • Refreshments are taking place in the church hall and in the church.
  • Everything is self service for attendees.
  • Supplies (tea, coffee, etc.) are all available in each kitchen. If more is needed it can be found in G5 (room next to the hall kitchen).
  • Help by making tea, coffee and squash. Tea and coffee goes into the air pots with the corresponding label.
  • Keep the service areas clean, tidy and presentable.
  • Cake is only served on the church side, all the cakes should be made available throughout the day (including any pre packaged cake).
  • In the church area: cut up extra cake and make it available. Gluten free and vegan cakes are pre-packaged (these must not be opened to avoid the risk of cross contamination) and are placed on a separate table.
Saturday Setup Help
  • If you’ve offered to help setup on Saturday 1st June, please come to church between 10am and 1pm.
  • Please offer a friendly welcome to everyone arriving, departing and passing by the buildings.
  • Welcoming positions are on Trinity Hill, inside the church foyer or by the entrance to the church hall.
  • Ensure every group/family receives a welcome leaflet containing information about the day and Sutton Coldfield Baptist Church.