Questions of Life @COSTA

Event details

  • Thursday | 11th January 2017
  • 7:15 pm - 8:45 pm
  • Costa Coffee GraceChurch Centre
  • 0121 355 5088
We recognise that life has its ups and downs and raises different questions at different times. And we wanted to spend time looking at some of these questions in a relaxed and informal environment and seeing what God says about them which we hope will help us navigate our way through life.

Session Format:

Each session will start with a hot or cold drink and a free panini. There will then be a 15 minute introduction which will include a dvd clip to get us thinking about the topic. There will then be a quiz or something fun for you as a table to do on the subject which will be followed by a 30 minute talk and then the chance to chat about it with another drink and slice of cake!

There will be no pressure put on anyone to do or say anything. We simply want to provide a place to come and take time out and think about God’s response to and help with some of the questions we face in life.

Session Topics

  • If you could ask God one question, what would it be?
What does God say about…
  • …happiness
  • …stress and pressure
  • …science and religion
  • …sex and relationships
  • …making something of life
  • …choosing a religion
  • …evil in our society
  • …why Church

The course is held at Costa Coffee in the Gracechurch Centre, Thursdays at 7.15pm and we would love you to join with us. It helps if we know you are coming.

Please see the events calendar for the current dates.

To Book

You do not need to book, but it does help to know if you are coming. Please contact us either via phone, completing the contact form on this website or via email