Sutton Coldfield Baptist Church was founded in 1908 – and were pleased to celebrate our centenary in 2008.

Successive faithful ministries led the Church in its location on Victoria Road through to a turning point in the 1950’s.

Following a difficult period, a commitment was made by members to invest in evangelical ministry and prioritising of youth and children’s work.  This bore gradual early fruit which was built on by the ministry of Stephen Winward from 1967 to 1977, during which continued growth and stability was established.  Alan Pain’s leadership from 1977 to 1999 saw the Church experience remarkable and dramatic growth, resulting in the outgrowing of the Church premises and the relocation to and renovation of the Old Town Junior School in 1985.  Under Alan’s leadership additional staff where added, Streetly Baptist was planted and links with Christians around the world developed.

In 2000, Donald Campbell moved from Youth Minister to Team Leader.

Sutton Coldfield Baptist Church Original Premises – Now McDonalds

old sutton coldfield baptist church exterior inside old church buildilng

Development of the Disused School Building to the Current Premises

new sutton coldfield baptist church before renovation sutton coldfield baptist church old school

 renovating sutton coldfield baptist church



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