Finding time, space, peace and quiet in the midst of our hectic lives is something we all want!

We have weekly prayer meetings on Fridays and Saturdays – see our event calendar for details.

Prayer Room

To provide a dedicated facility for prayer, we have also created our prayer room – a place where you can come on your own, or with others to think, pray or just chill out.

There are various displays, CDs and aids to help you, as well as practical ways you can pray such as writing on our wailing wall, painting or nailing your regrets and mistakes to the cross.

The room is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, but needs to be booked in advance so that we can make sure you are not disturbed and know the code to get into the room (it also helps us to know if anyone is there in case of a fire). You can book a half hour, or longer time slot by e-mailing us at

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