Reception-Year 6

We offer a range of groups and activities for those in primary school, including a series of age-appropriate activities on Sunday mornings as well as our highly popular Brigades which meet during the week.

Weekday Groups

Boys and Girls Brigade

The Brigades welcomes boys and girls from the age 5. Children join a series of age-appropriate groups:

  • Anchor Boys – from age 5 to year 3
  • Girls Brigade Explorers – from years 1-3
  • Boys Brigade Juniors – from year 4-6
  • Girls Brigade Juniors – from year 4-6

Read more about Boys Brigade and Girls Brigade.

See our events calendar for details of the timings of weekday events.

Sunday Mornings

Light Years

Light years meet on Sunday mornings, offering children the opportunity to meet with others of a similar age to enjoy being together while learning more about Jesus in a safe and caring environment. Activities include worship, bible stories, prayer and lots of fun activities and crafts.

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