Advance Credit Union

Advance Credit Union was born out of Sutton Coldfield Credit Union, started by Sutton Baptist Church as part of the church’s work on Falcon Lodge. 

The credit union has since merged with other local community credit unions and grown to 4,000 members, and lending £2m in 2014.

Credit Unions are not-for-profit ethical co-operatives aiming to provide affordable financial services for members of the local community. Credit unions offer financial services similar to a bank’s, but the ownership of the company is shared by its members.

Advance Credit Union helps members to save regularly and be able to manage their money.  A small amount every month soon adds up to help pay for Christmas, birthdays, holidays or household emergencies.

For more information or to discuss any of the above with somebody please ring 0121 350 8883 or email

Alternatively please click to go to the website for more information.

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