Ladies’ Fellowship

Ladies Fellowship meets on Thursdays at 2pm in the Church Lounge. See the events calendar for current dates and details.

The meeting lasts for about one hour. We are a friendly group and enjoy sharing laughter and a love for the Lord. We always finish with coffee or tea, biscuits and a chat.

We also hold monthly prayer times after the meeting and drinks. Anyone is welcome to stay and pray. Prayer cards are available at the meeting if there are specific requests members wish to make.

As individuals within the group, we believe we are all special. We are unique creations, with our own gifts and talents and are part of God’s plan to bring blessings to this world. Together as a group, we aim to support each other, pray for each other, learn from each other, to achieve more and become a strong power for the Lord. As a group, we can stand tall like the pile of individual stones shown here.

If transport is a problem, we have a friendly driver and the use of the church minibus. Though at present are in need of a reserve driver for the minibus.

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