Marriage Enrichment Course on Demand

The Marriage Enrichment work seeks to support any couple in a committed relationship whether they are seeking to strengthen a good relationship or are struggling in some areas.

We use videos from two Christian organisations Care for the Family and Holy Trinity Brompton. Both include information and advice about relationship skills with examples from real couples.  They also include time for couples to discuss the topic privately, there is no expectation to discuss anything with anyone but your own partner.

Care for the Family cover four topics titled Cherish, Connect, Collaborate, Commit. All of these work well as one off sessions which we arrange for up to eight couples at the church. We create a romantic atmosphere with individual tables for each couple and refreshments with cake or pudding.

Our next session is Cherish on Friday 8th April, and further information can be found at

The Holy Trinity Brompton Course has seven sessions

  • Building Strong Foundations
  • Art of Communication
  • Resolving conflict
  • Power of Forgiveness
  • Parents and In-laws
  • Good sex
  • Love in Action

This course works well over a period of weeks and we generally run it with one or two couples in our home

We appreciate that for various reasons it can be difficult to commit time and so seek to be flexible.  All these courses can be accessed online

Holy Trinity Brompton is

Care for the family is

We can also lend DVDs of these sessions and have a range of helpful books.

We also know that people might want to share this information with others, this link will bring them directly to this page on the SCBC website


Please contact us via the church office or email if there is anything you wish to discuss.

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