Coronavirus Updates

This section is regularly updated with news and information about the Coronavirus.

Coronavirus Update 23rd March

Coronavirus Update 23rd March

Please note that the Church Worship Building is not going to be open for prayer. The prayer room is also closed at all times. The Church office is open for Food Bank donations and Food Bank customers only, Monday to Friday between 10:00 am  and 2:30m pm. If bringing...

Coronavirus Update 23rd March

Important Letter from Donald – 20th March

Dear Friends, Two letters in one week!  These are different times.  I am wanting to write to you both to thank you for all your support and tell you about our exciting plans for Sunday. This may be the first letter that some of you have had as we have been working...

An Important Message from Donald Campbell

An Important Message from Donald Campbell

Dear Friends I am sure you, like me, are trying to make sense of all that is being said and all that is going on in our country and in our world. These are difficult, and for many, anxious times, and we want to continue to be a community of hope, support and love....

Coronavirus Update 23rd March

IMPORTANT Coronavirus Update 17th March

In the light of the Government's clarifications in parliament today, and advice from the Baptist Union, we are ceasing all activities until further notice. Please check back later in the day for more detailed information. This includes Sunday services. The Food Bank...

Coronavirus Update 23rd March

Coronavirus Update Monday 16th March

Tuesday 17th March It is with regret than we have decided that Lunch Club is Closed until further notice. We have also decided to cancel Holiday at Home at Easter. These activities  for Tuesday are running as usual: Open Door Little Ark Playgroup Skippers Currently...

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