Coronavirus Updates

This section is regularly updated with news and information about the Coronavirus.

Coronavirus Update- Sunday 15th March

Coronavirus Update- Sunday 15th March

Sunday Please note that we have changed the way we are taking the offerings in our services. We will not pass the offering bags along the rows, but are asking you to place your offerings in the bags on entry or exit of the worship area, or make a card payment on the...

Coronavirus Update- Sunday 15th March

Coronavirus Update 13th March 2020

Our aim is to keep activities open where it is possible and sensible to do so, but it is inevitable that we may decide to close some activities, or alter them. Some people may feel isolated and unable to attend worship or their usual groups, so to support  each other...

Coronavirus Update- Sunday 15th March

Our Church is getting ready for the Coronavirus

Our church is aware of the threat to public health that. has now entered the UK, and is in our communities. We have planned for the impact this may have on the services and activities we run.   What is happening? A very infectious new virus that began in China...

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