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Welcome to our Questions of Life Section. 

We recognise that we all have questions about life, faith, and spirituality at different times. We don’t always feel comfortable in talking to our friends or family about them. So we wanted to find a place for people to explore these questions in ways that are helpful to them.

As part of this section there is a link to our Questions of Life Livestream. On a Wednesday at 7pm Donald and Cath go live and talk about different questions people have about Christianity. Whilst they are live, people can text or email in with their questions or comments.

If you are unable to be with us live, there is another section where you can see the videos of previous livestreams.

Alongside that, we wanted to provide a place that answered some of the most frequently asked questions people have in this area, and you will see the questions below. If you click on one, it will take you to the answer.

If you would like more information or to get in touch with someone to talk this through more, please email Cath, our Mission Team leader: Cath@scbc.org.uk.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Does God Allow So Much Suffering in our World Today?

Why Does God Allow So Much Suffering in our World Today?

There are many different types of suffering, some that directly affect us and other types that we see happening in our society, in our country or further afield around the world that range from: Sickness, Murder, Theft, Abuse, Famine/Starvation, Isolation/Loneliness,...

Why Does God Allow So Much Suffering in our World Today?

What is God Like?

Throughout history, people have had different ideas about God’s image and what he looks like. Some people see him as: A bearded old man sitting on a cloud, playing his harp Spirit and not in human form His essence is seen in nature This is what the bible tells us God...

Why Does God Allow So Much Suffering in our World Today?

Is God Real?

We think yes! But we cannot give 100% proof! We can give you 3 pieces of evidence that point towards his existence and say it is highly likely and then leave it up to you whether you agree! This isn’t something new for us. There are many instances in life where we are...

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