Questions Of Life

Wednesdays 7.00pm

We recognise that life has its ups and downs and raises different questions at different times. And so we wanted to spend time looking at some of these questions in a relaxed environment, asking what God says about these questions.  We hope this will help us navigate our way through life.

It is also possible to come along in person to be watch, and be part of the evening.  We have a capacity of 45, and tickets are available online for this.  There will be no pressure put on anyone to do or say anything. We simply want to provide a place to come and take time out and think about God’s response to and help with some of the questions we face in life.  If you would like to come along, please follow this link, and click on the event that you would like to attend:

Each session will also be available to watch on Live Stream if you prefer to watch from the comfort of your own home.  To view from home please visit this link just before 7pm each Wednesday evening:

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Questions of Life – Why Is Easter Good News?

Cath throws lots of Questions about Easter at Donald, from bunnies to passover, from horrific death to resurrected life. What does it all mean? Also Cath leads Donald down a side alley as she gets him to explain his views on palm Sunday...

Questions Of Life – Questions About The Book Of Revelation

Beasts, numbers and the end of the world! Cath asks Donald to explain why the book of Revelation was written and how best to understand it. Choosing three passage to study Donald picks his way through some of the controversies and seeks to...

Questions Of Life – Is the God of the Old Testament Violent?

Cath and Donald look at the violence of God in the Old Testament, using one of the notorious passages they question why God would order the slaughter of a group of people. Is this a different God to Jesus? and if not how do we reconcile...

Questions Of Life – Questions About Losing Our Faith

Cath and Donald discuss why some Christians seem to lose their faith. Is there anything we can do to prevent it happening? Can we lose our salvation? What if we are worried for ourselves or someone we love?

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