Fusion & Ignite (Sunday Youth Groups)

Sutton Coldfield Baptist Church offers youth groups for 11-18 year olds on Sunday mornings.

We want young people to enjoy coming to church, and so we aim to provide activities suitable for the needs of pre-teens and teenagers throughout senior school.

The young people stay in church for the first 15-30 minutes for the family section of the service, which is designed to appeal to those of all ages, before going to their separate age-appropriate activities, where biblical stories and themes are talked about and applied to the challenges of everyday life.


Fusion is for those in school years 7-9. The group offers an interactive session learning about the Christian faith and discussing relevant issues. Fusion is designed to be fun and serious at the same time.

Fusion meets in the lower ground floor rooms below the church hall.


igniteIgnite is for those in school years 10-13. Ignite Sundays are all about the Bible. On Sunday mornings the group gathers together and then splits into small groups. The purpose of Ignite is to open God’s word together, as we look for fresh ways to understand what He is saying to young people.  If you want to understand the Bible more and have a great time with friends then get into Sundays.

Ignite meets at the Way Inn, which is a self-contained building for youth groups on the top car park.



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