Light Years (Sunday School)

Sutton Coldfield Baptist Church offers a structured series of groups for children from birth up to 18 on Sunday mornings.

We want children to enjoy coming to church, and so we aim to provide activities suitable for each age of child.  Bible stories and themes are talked about and applied to every day life.

Apart from those in creche, children stay in church for the first 15-30 minutes for the family section of the service, which is designed to appeal to children as much as adults.

Pre-School & Reception

Pre-schoolers and reception aged children are offered a series of groups within Light Years, dependent on age:


For babies and toddlers up to the age of 2-3. The group meet in the room at the back of church, so parents can always be called if required. Babies and children play in a safe and warm environment with a high ratio of helpers to children. Biscuits and drinks are included as appropriate to the child’s age. Children can be taken into creche at any point before or during the church service.

Children move onto the next stage when they are potty trained and ready for more stimulating activities.


For toddlers from the age of 2-3 until 4 years of age, the group is based around active play with plenty of toys to choose from. A short bible story is included as well as drink and biscuit

Busy Bees

The group of older preschool children and those in reception class meets for play, craft activities, singing and dancing as well as a short bible story. Older children enjoy the slightly more structured environment, although the emphasis is always on fun and enjoyment

Light Years – Years 1-6

Those in Light Years meet together in the church hall for a child-friendly worship session before going into their own groups for age-appropriate activities and learning with friendly teachers and helpers. All sessions include a bible story with discussion and prayer which is accessible for the children’s ages.


Play-based games and activities for those in year 1-2 at primary school.


Children in years 3-4 learn through a variety of activities and crafts.


Those in years 5-6 learn how to use and navigate the bible as well as enjoying craft activities and role play.

Secondary School Age Groups

Click here for details of our Fusion and Ignite Sunday youth groups.


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