About Us

We are convinced of the need to make sense to a broken world and believe in God’s wisdom for everyday life. 

At Sutton Coldfield Baptist Church we are compelled by the need to share the love of Jesus believing that the Church does not exist solely for Christians but for all people. We therefore we aim to ensure everything we do is understandable and relevant to all. We’re committed to making Church a place where everyone can come each week to meet God and explore more about faith in Jesus Christ.

We have activities every day of the week; from our work with children and young people to our support of older community members, for those exploring faith to those looking for a church to call home – we believe there is something for everyone at Sutton Coldfield Baptist Church!

Our Mission

Making sense of life together,
Sharing the love of Jesus

Core to our identity as a church is our mission Making Sense of Life Together, Sharing the Love of Jesus. We passionately believe in outworking this by seeking God’s guidance and wisdom to make sense of everyday life, to work together by recognising the unique giftings we all have and to share the love of Jesus in our church, to the local community and globally.

Living the Life

Each week we run Living the Life, a course for those new to Sutton Coldfield Baptist Church or those looking to learn how to live out new found faith. Whether you’ve just completed the Alpha course or recently joined the church then this is for you!


Got questions about faith and life? The Alpha Course is an opportunity to explore more about life, faith and God. Each week there’s pudding, a talk and the opportunity to ask questions.

“My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you”

Jesus – John 15:12

Our Values

Arising from our vision statement comes our values and beliefs summarised in 10 strategic core values, rooted in the way God has led this church over many years and continues to lead us.

The Love of Jesus

We are a community centred on Jesus and His Word, responding in prayer, worship and service, and relating to each other with encouragement and compassion.


Representing Jesus; we’re outwardly looking to proclaim His message, inspired to share and give.


We depend on each other to offer the gifts the Spirit of God has given us, living and caring for each other in small teams and groups. We’re globally and Kingdom minded seeking justice and salvation for all of creation.

Making Sense of Life

Listening to God and applying faith to real life for growth and change, valuing diversity, relevance and honesty.

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There are activities and events every day of the week with something for everyone

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