We gather every Sunday to sing and pray together as an act of worship to God.

All our services include teaching from the Bible with application to real life issues. There are five different styles of service on a Sunday listed below with more information.

8:30am - Call to Prayer

Shown every week live on YouTube as well as people joining us in the church building. This livestream includes a mix of prayer, video testimonies, music, teaching from the Bible and stories.

The Call to Prayer typically lasts 45 minutes with refreshments served afterwards in the foyer.

10:30am - Morning Service

This weekly dynamic service is for all ages and includes worship, storytelling, prayer, music, teaching from the Bible and games. Every week there are age specific activities for children and young people, along with a creche for younger children. Once every 4 weeks we have our shorter All Together service where all ages stay together.

The morning service typically lasts around 90 minutes with refreshments served afterwards.

3.00pm - Glory Group

Glory Group is a monthly church service for adults with learning disabilities, and their family and friends. We meet together for a variety of shared activities, to worship God and learn more about Him.

Glory Group meets on the second Sunday of each month (except August).

4:00pm - Grow Together

An opportunity for children and the adults in their lives to gather around tables and explore Christianity using craft, quizzes, stories, music and there’s always food!

Taking place throughout the year, Grow Together lasts around 75 minutes and includes food.

6.30pm - Evening Service

This weekly service includes worship, prayer and times of singing alongside teaching from the Bible (sermon repeated from 10:30am).

The evening service typically lasts around 90 minutes with refreshments served before and afterwards in the foyer.

What to expect at our services

All our services take place at our buildings on Trinity Hill (opposite McDonalds in Sutton Coldfield town centre). Along with a number of local car parks, we have two car parks available at the church. We recommend arriving early to get a space. On arrival our welcome team will greet you and be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Our services are informal and use today’s language with song words and content shown on screen at the front. During the service we sing and pray together as an act of worship to God, a speaker explains what the Bible says and applies it to real life.

At our 10:30am service we have a creche for younger children available every week for the duration of the whole service. For children and young people up to school year 9 we have age specific groups in the church hall (children stay in the service for the first part before going to their groups, apart from All Together services).

Wear whatever you feel comfortable in, we have no dress code at Sutton Coldfield Baptist Church.

How to find us

Bus, train or car – Travelling to Sutton Coldfield Baptist Church is easy.

Living the Life

If you’re new to Sutton Coldfield Baptist Church then a great starting point to find out more about us is our weekly course called Living the Life.

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The Alpha Course is an opportunity to explore more about life, faith and God. Each week there’s pudding, a talk and the opportunity to ask questions.