donald campbell

Donald Campbell

Donald Campbell joined the team in 1990 as Youth Minister and has been our Team Leader since 2000.

cath horne

Cath Horne

Cath Horne joined the staff and leadership team in 1998 as Mission Team Leader.

john williams

John Williams

John Williams became Admin Team leader in 2012, having been involved in the Church for over 35 years.

Paula Bennett

Paula is our Administration Assistant who you will meet on reception and will greet you cheerily on the phone! She is married to Matt, and has three children, and a...

georgina whateley

Georgina Whateley

Georgina Whateley joined the staff team in 1995 as our Second Thoughts Project Coordinator.

denise taylor

Denise Taylor

Denise Taylor joined the staff team in 2010 as our Second Thoughts Co-Worker.

paul bridge

Paul Bridge

Paul Bridge joined the staff team in 2007 as our Youth and Children’s Worker and also heads up Lightyears.

sam lyden

Sam Lyden

After a 2 year internship within the church, Sam Lyden became our permanent Youth Worker in 2013 and now leads Ignite.

deb lyden

Deb Lyden

Deb joined the staff team in 2012 as Young Adults Worker, following a 2 year internship within the church. She has now taken on the role of Discipleship Worker, working...

Sarah Paxton

Previously Sarah has been both a Trainee Youth Worker and an Assistant Youth Worker at SCBC.  Sarah is now working full time as Youth and Young Adults Pastoral Worker, working...