Vision Statement

Sutton Coldfield Baptist Church’s vision statement is at the core of our many community outreach activities, groups and projects. Our vision statement starts:

Making Sense of Life Together, Sharing the Love of Jesus

We believe in the need to Make Sense to a broken world, we believe in God’s wisdom for everyday Life. We value working together and recognise that we need the different gifts that we all bring. We seek to Share the Love of Jesus, in our church and beyond into our community and the wider world.

This vision encapsulates our drive to serve the local community.

Outreach and Projects

Please click on the links to read more about our community outreach activities

  • Glory Group – activities and worship for adults with learning disabilities, some of their carers and friends
  • Second Thoughts – community shop, cafe and local support services based on Falcon Lodge
  • Advance Credit Union – not-for-profit ethical co-operatives aiming to provide affordable financial services for members of the local community
  • Soup Run – practical and spiritual outreach to people who are homeless or on low incomes in Birmingham, takin taking food, clothes, drink and the love of Jesus

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